Couple love battle where Nick and Tani prank each other in this prankster game


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November3rd , 2023

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Nick & Tani : Funny Story - Music

“Nick & Tani is an epic love prank battle between nick and tani who are the main characters of scary teacher 3D. It is a funny game where both Nick and Tani prank each other in this adventure game. Nick and Tani game not only revolves around pranks but also the adventure this game brings every level. The prankster game keeps getting better with every level. A prank and funny game Nick and Tani is, it brings a wide range of pranks that both play on each other. Nick and Tani are not only on this adventure of pranking each other but also to give a player a good laugh. Nick and Tani game gives you ultimate graphics and controls. It is a funny game that is enjoyable when you play it.

This is the story of a popular boy and a popular girl battling it out for glory in this adventure game! Both Nick and Tani rally their sides in an attempt to win back their school and gain dominance over what they feel is rightfully theirs. This battle sets off a series of pranks and mischief, as the boys and girls fight for their ultimate high school supremacy! Nick’s prank game mostly revolves around making things difficult for Tani who becomes a subject to his pranks. While Nick pranks on her, Tani also gets back at Nick by her own pranks. Tani’s prank game mostly revolves around making Nick a fool out of himself. The prank game between Nick and Tani is as strong as a rock.

Is it possible to prank on anyone with the regular items around you? Well, Nick and Tani game gives you ideas to prank other with simple yet intuitive ideas. Nick and Tani game is not just a prankster game but its takes you on an adventure of exporing how they both fell in love because of their pranks. Nick’s prank game and idea is to make fun of Tani. Tani’s prank game is to shatter Nick’s confidecnce. So, this prankster game of Nick and Tani navigates around them trying to prank each other as much as possible. It is a funny game. It has a funny story too.

Experience new ways of pranking your love and brag about it. Become the coolest high school kid in the epic prank battle. Play Nick and Tani game to have a funny game adventure of a lifetime. The prank game will give you great controls and ideas that makes the user experience better than ever. The funny Nick and Tani game will make the player feel like prankster because of its simple and hilarious tricks to cause pranks on each other. Nick and Tani game brings you an experience filled with funny pranks. It is prank game like nothing before.

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