Watch these figures come to life and join them on an epic adventure


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November3rd , 2023
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Figure Story - Puzzle

“Figure Story is an adventure RPG that transports you to a three-dimensional world that’s full of surprises. The story in this title starts out in the house of a toy collector. These action figures come to life when the humans aren’t around, and it’s up to you to join them on an action-packed adventure with different combat situations waiting around every corner.

With a premise that’s similar to the well-known movie saga Toy Story, you’ll gradually get to meet and unlock new toys with their corresponding characteristics. As you advance through each setting, you’ll have to face a number of different animals and elements wandering around the city streets.

Another important goal you’ll have is to avoid being seen by humans. Meanwhile, you have to take part in intense turn-based combats where you’ll be able to place your characters around the board to create effective strategies. Although the attacks take place automatically, you can select the figure you what to attack on each turn to try to win the combat.

Figure Story offers an incredibly fun gameplay, great 3D graphics, and dozens of characters that you can unlock and bring to life. You’ll have to carry out attacks full of energy to take down your enemies in turn-based combats that take place on the streets of this mysterious city.

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