Dark Sonic Jungle Hunter is a great adventure game


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November3rd , 2023
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“Eggeman do it again, he makes troubles every time for Dark sonic the hero. This time, he pretends that he love Amy and he challenges Dark sonic to get his lover. So our hero has to react and he has to show his love to Rose.
Firstly, Dark Sonic has to attain Amy in every level, to destroy the beast in end of each part of the game, to deviate the hedgehogs, the mushrooms that will face his road or to kill them, to escape falling in gaps and rivers.
Secondly, our hero has to earn superpowers because they will facility the adventure him, to collect a lot of coins, and to win levels with good rating.
So i hope you enjoy helping Dark Sonic to rescue his love from the danger of his enemy, and to enjoy all the backgrounds, the playing mode in the game

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