Take control of the real President phone. Fun game with exciting adventures.


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November3rd , 2023

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Mr. President: Text Adventure - Music

“Text based adventure starts with you finding the phone of the president of Nambia. The National Security Advisor believes you are the real president and reports you on all episodes happening in the country. Make decisions on behalf of the dictator and discover how your choices affect the state’s main indicators:

● Treasury. A real dictator appreciates gold and is hardly ready to part with it. My precious!
● Morale. Loss of hope sparks people’s revolts, which lead to expenses on rebellion suppressing.
● Population. For the real dictator people are just expendables, like cartridge toner. The higher population, greater taxes for the state treasury. Profit!

Together with the faithful Advisor you will have an exciting adventure with unpredictable plot.


● The Giant Turtle Rage
While drilling the soil for oil, the well workers stumble upon a hard rock and decide it is the Giant Turtle shell. Pilgrims all over Nambia are swarming into the field. Oil extracting work is suspended. How will the real president manage it? Will you be diplomatic or force people out? You are the president, you decide.

● Propaganda machine
A blogger who criticizes government and incriminates the president appeared in the country. Use all the propaganda methods to prevent any opposition voice.

● Interactive real-time text based adventure game with fun plot
● One game is not enough to complete all the tasks
● Enjoy live communication simulation
● Your choices really influence the story
● All characters passed plausibility test
● No internet connection necessary (offline games)
● Free download

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