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November3rd , 2023

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Exploration Lite - Adventure

“Enjoy a crafting experience like never before, with endless fun in an endless sandbox 3D block environment. Craft your dream block mansion or pixel palace everything is possible on this exploration lite pocket 3d version.

Explore this world and start living your dreams and imagination. Choose between flat creative mod, where you can build whatever you desire or terain mod where you need to build along mmountains and lakes, each day is a new challenge.
Build you home during daytime and you will have a shelter at night time. Build a simple house or craft your dream castle – it’s all in your hands.
Get different blocks and craft them to get the desired output. The possibilities are endless.
Go online – connect to a server and play with others. You can choose a server which is on creative mod or one that is on survival mod, easily choose one of the list and join of Minetest servers. Connecting is simple and fast. You can even start your own local server where you can later play with your friends.
Enjoy a beautiful 3D game graphics. simple and intuitive user interface.
Choose between starting from scratch and using your preiously saved worlds. You can choose between different worlds that are available or just create a new one. Scan the environment quickly with flight mode and with extended range viewing options.
If you are looking for a true adventure you can bet that you will find it in this game. You can easily gather blocks together so you can build whatever you wish. run free as you craft your dreams and make them look as you pictured them.

With this amazing Exploration Lite you can build unlimited possibilities

Here you will feel the opportunity for your imagination. You can dream to the maximum! You are not constrained to, there are no restrictions and you can play with a survival mod in the exploration section !

In the event that you like outrageous games and you’re not searching for simple ways – then play in the survival mode. Here you get a great deal of helpful abilities for survival and a considerable measure of adrenaline!

On the off chance that you need to do all what you need without confinements – more prone to make a world in innovative mode!

What’s more, make certain – spared each world that you have made, and you can backpedal at whatever point you wish!

Welcome exploration lite fans to your companions to the diversion in multiplayer mode – to play together more fun!

Pro survival
world aventure
building and crafting
block build craft
builder craft
exploration craft
lucky craft
dream house craft
pixy craft
Exploration Pro Lite

Build Craft Exploration is a building and crafting game where you can block build craft. It’s a builder craft where you can explore and build lucky craft, pixy craft & dream house craft.

Exploration Craft World Adventure lite survival is a game where you challenge your imagination to build your brain.


*HQ Graphics
*Easy UI
*Fast Building

Download it now and enjoy.

Start your exploration lite today! Swim across seas or tour the unlimited lands –it’s your choice and the options are unlimited. Our game is 100% free and it will stay that way.

Download it now and enjoy smooth 60 FPS gaming all in your smartphone.

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