Evil spongebob ice cream seller man revenge.


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November3rd , 2023

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Hello Ice Scream Spongebob – Horror Games - Adventure

“New brand new game of horror theme with horror ice cream seller in this scary game and ice cream truck game of Ice-cream scary neighbor game. In this horror adventure the ice-cream seller of the rod truck icecream game 3d has come to the neighborhood for selling the ice scream.If you are looking for real time horror fun and scary adventure escape in horror survival game of spongebob ice scream. Start playing scary granny creepy fun game and say hello to the creepy neighbor.

First of all you to find key to unlock the main gate of that granny spongebob ice cream neighbor. To tease him you to go into that horror house and pick its precious thing to destroy them. But always you to remember that escape yourself from that spongebob ice cream. If you were late then he will catch you red handed.

This haunted spongebob game will be full fun and creepy scary horror adventure.Play the real horror escape room ghost game and win from the scary ghosts in this haunted.


– Best gameplay & smooth control
– Attractive game sound
– Horror & night mode
– Excellent 3D graphics

Get ready to enjoy horror game of Ice-cream scary neighbor game in neighborhood friend game without bloody scenarios in this creepy games.

“So what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD NOW! And play this creepy games.”

Good Luck!

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