A love story extraordinaire! Under the twin moon, you will find your destiny.


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November3rd , 2023

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My Mystic Romance - Education

“A love story in a kingdom far, far away, where mythical creatures are no longer mythical.

It was just one of those days,
that everything had to go wrong.
Work was exhausting, relationship was failing,…

But then, on the way back home, something extraordinary happens.
Through the shadows of Red Moon, you came to a mystic land called the Kingdom of Nightmare, ruled by angels and demons.

And soon after, you discover that you are here to find your destiny, to find where you truly belong…. Your one true love.

Being the first to the throne in the kingdom of nightmare, he had to be stronger than anyone.
Being lonely at the top, he’s been waiting for someone for so long, to share his deepest secrets, desire, and longings….
One of the most feared, and most beautiful demon in the kingdom of nightmare.
He appears to be cold and distant, but only in front of you, he reveals his true nature that he’s been keeping from others all along.
He’s a butler who serves the noblest family in the world of nightmare.
He’s always practical and have no interests in nothing but work. But by meeting you, his whole workaholic life changes.

▼Highly recommended for ladies who…
・enjoy shojo manga, Japanese comics and anime
・enjoy romantic stories
・enjoy fantasies, fairy tales
・enjoy otome games

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