Guide Tink through the junk highway but beware of Bottersnikes!


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November3rd , 2023

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Gumble Run - Casual

“How far can your legs Gumble Run?

Guide Tink through the junk highway but beware of Bottersnikes. Collect tasty grubs to trade for awesome power ups.

The action takes place in a faraway valley heaped with abandoned junk where a timeless battle rages between good an evil, squashy and scaly, clever and wily. This is the land of Bottersnikes & Gumbles.

Tink is our hero and like all Gumbles he can jump, stretch and glide his way through the junk highway collecting tasty little grubs. If lucky you might also spot glowing mattress springs. These will all earn points that can be traded for power ups which will allow you to gumble even further… like all the way to the Mattress Mine and beyond!

Tink has 3 lives so dodge all obstacles and most importantly avoid capture by the Bottersnikes… Bottersnikes turn Tink into stuffing for the King’s bum pillow!

There are ranks in the game, challenges to complete to level up and there are a few surprises in store. Have fun and launch your first Gumble Run!

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