A story-rich and interaction-packed detective mystery.


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November3rd , 2023
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Rio Alto: Forgotten Memories - Action

“Luis couldn’t stop reliving that day, the very same day he decided to dig into Felisa’s silences, into Juana’s blank stare, into Marta’s accusations, into Mr. Eustaquio’s cowardice… into his own troubled life.

About this game:

Rio Alto: Forgotten Memories is an experimental game mixing elements from text and point&click adventures. Unravel a multilayered, fragmented story centred on dark mysteries, tragic events and a protagonist who can’t or doesn’t want to remember.


* gameplay gravitates around ‘thoughts’, those are created upon player choices and drive the story forward
* drag and drop interface: progress by matching two concepts among four categories (thoughts, characters, objects, locations) and more than 60 items in total.
* complex storytelling, learn about events or characters from different points of view, discard contradictory facts, make your own conclusions
* length: 2-4 hours, six alternative endings that form a bigger picture
* original music soundtrack
* no ads or microtransactions, completely free!

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