Big Water is the endless journey home of our small blob in a dangerous world!


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November3rd , 2023
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Big Water - Education

“Imagine that you are a small creature in a world full of traps and enemies. You need to find a key to move forward. And every move you make decreases your water level, which is some kind of health for our character. Don’t worry, water pools are all around. They will recharge you. You can break through trees and rocks and even fight with enemies!

Big Water is a turn based roguelike game. Controls are very simple, just swipe anywhere on the screen in a direction you want to move the blob. If there is an obstacle on a way, our charecter will attack it. Sometimes you need to attack multiple times to destroy it, for example: 3 times for a tree.

The main idea of the game is to find most efficent and less water consuming way to next level. The furter you are, the more interesting your journey is!

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