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November3rd , 2023
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Under Oath - Action

“Under Oath is an anime-style RPG where you defend the people you serve by saving them from life-threatening dangers. This is an online, turn-based RPG full of exciting combat that stands out for its excellent graphics, which are better than what many other Android games have to offer.

In this game, you make your way through the Under Oath universe just like in other MMORPGs: use the virtual D-pad on the left or tap on a mission to move your character automatically. Complete missions for various people in different cities and level up, improving your equipment and securing new allies.

Combat is the best part of Under Oath, especially because it features absolutely amazing anime-style graphics. Every turn, you can attack to try to defeat your enemy. Each character has four attacks and a special power that you can unleash for a massive hit. Choose your next move quickly, however, or your turn will expire.

Your team consists of three different heroes, although you can get more through the game’s story or with a typical gacha system. Try to strike a balance when you build your team, since each character has pros and cons that will greatly affect the battle.

Under Oath (终 焉 誓约) is a fantastic RPG with an interesting story, a great cast of characters, and action-packed battles. This game also includes dubbing (in Chinese and Japanese) that features some of the best voices in anime.

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