Classic Turn-based Battles. Shining Pets to Capture!


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November3rd , 2023
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Monster M - Lifestyle

“‘-Relive the Memory and Rewrite the Story-
Original stories, classic scenes and pets are reproduced. Pets could be chanced upon among bushes. No pets, no adventures!

-Massive Pets to Capture-
Over 300 kinds of pets to capture and exquisite anime-style graphics bring you a refreshing gaming experience. Region-specific pets are there to enrich your collection!

Cultivation for Mega Evolution-
Multiple cultivation plans and multiple evolution forms. Log in every day to get Evolve Stones for free. Come and cultivate your favorite pets!

-Real-time Matching and Clash of Wits-
Strategies still apply to turn-based battles. types counters, flexible positioning and well-timed skills can be the key to defeating opponents. Skill effects are dazzling and battles are touch-and-go!

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