When I woke up, I was at home (because it's an AR game)


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November3rd , 2023

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AR EscapeGame – Sister and roo - Comics

“The letter from my sick younger sister told her to collect the flowers somewhere in the room.

You are at home with your sister. You became an older brother.
My sister’s condition doesn’t seem to be very good, so try to find the hidden flower somewhere by her instructions and solve mysteries and gimmicks.

・ Because it is an AR game, camera permission is required.
・ Since there is no troublesome calculation and the difficulty is easy, even those who are not good at escape games can easily play.
-There is a hint function according to the progress, so there is no worry about getting stuck.
-Since it is an automatic save, it can be restarted anytime.

[How to play]
The operation method is of course easy!
・ Please stand.
・ Please walk around.
・ Tap to solve the mystery.
・ If you find a flower, tap it.

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