Launcher for Don’t Starve is the a mod editor launcher for Don’t Starve.


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November3rd , 2023

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Launcher for Don’t Starve - Comics

“Do you love Don’t Starve? Then you’re gonna love this app!
Launcher for Don’t Starve is the first mod editor launcher for Don’t Starve, and is compatible with its latest version from Klei Entertainment Inc.

★ Must-know Features ★
#MOD (Boost): Boosted HP & MP / Speed Boost / Unlocked Chars / Teleportation / Screenshot

★ About Launcher ★

Launcher for Don’t Starve is where you can download mods for Don’t Starve for FREE. Turn on the Floating Window after entering the app and turn on MOD to boost stats, increase HP, MP and speed! Unlocked maps are waiting for you to explore!

Launcher is free to download and use, offering users unlimited fun such as unlimited HP! Note that the old progress before downloading the launcher won’t be carried to the launcher. However, all the progress in the launcher is saved there. And you can only use the mod when starting the game from the launcher.

*This app requires Don’t Starve, available from Google Play.
*This app is not an official app from Klei Entertainment Inc, and is not related to it.
*The name, brand and property of The Don’t Starve are assets of their respectful owners.

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