this a new funny adventure game,known by its style of game play,simple & classic


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November3rd , 2023
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The Bunny Game - Beauty

“this a new funny adventure game, known by its style of game play, simple and classic ! the game starts when the rabbit run !
Story : The Bunny Game is a story of a little red bunny lost in the jungle when she was playing alone and looking for some food.
Scared and worried by how to return home ( bunny’s kingdom ), kiti ( the rabbit’s name ) doesn’t give up and try to use all her energy to run and cross this dangerous jungle and avoid enemies. who knows ? maybe she can win and reach her goal at the end !

the game play : this is a run game or running adventure game, so in every level kiti start by running by herself and we have to press the tactile every time she see obstacles, dangers or enemies in her way. Of course the first level is a cake ! but step by step the game become more amazing ( i didn’t say difficult lol ) and very interesting to avoid many puzzles and challenges.
the game contains 3 difficulties : beginner, normal and hard mode, don’t try this one , only top players can finish bunny game in this mode.
sound : enjoy with a sweet soundtrack all the adventure, and other music and effects sound are coming in the next update.
start with downloading this run game and enjoy yourself with this little red bunny, and don’t forget to give us your remarks, reviews and specially your support, because we need it.

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