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November3rd , 2023

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Heroes Call THD - Beauty

“Heroes Call is a third person roleplaying game that’s reminiscent of Diablo and Dungeon Siege in which you’ll have to infiltrate tons of dungeons to kill enemies, pick up treasure, improve your character, and complete different missions.

The gameplay is meant to be enjoyed on touch screens because the intuitive control system lets you carry out any action with just a few taps on the screen.

The game, just like the majority of games from this genre, gives you the option to play several different characters that you will control to delve into dungeons. Some of these are full of more than 100 types of enemies (skeletons, zombies, orcs, goblins, etc.) and piles of treasure that are just waiting to be plundered.

Heroes Call also includes many skills and weapons that you can use to customize your character. You can equip him with different armor, bows, swords, and maces. Of course, you’ll pick up different spells as you progress, thus, making you able to take down even more powerful foes.

Heroes Call’s graphics don’t fall short of offering you detailed enemies, levels, and characters as well as high quality textures and shaders.

Heroes Call is an impressive game that, despite seeming like a commercial game in absolutely all aspects, is completely free. You’ll be able to play it without spending a single dollar!

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