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November3rd , 2023
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Super Goku : Warrior Battle - Racing

“Super Goku : Warrior Battle This is the perfect app to pass your time and will never let you get bored.The best game for DB fan and Super Goku Saiyan.Fun and addictive game
To another world, a fighter, legendary Super Saiyan named Guk.Best game DBZ Saiyan Goku and Super fan.
Saiyan Goku game Fight To enhance the DBZ fans. We met in a super-fight game with a new and different style.War is good or bad, on the nature and type of Super Saiyan Loved by millions of people around the world Inspired the “”Dragon Ball””, which promises to games in this genre Goku game hole on green building with great tranquility, wild, most of the ground war.Try new experiences and Goku Super Saiyan Dragon lives in danger

[ What’s up? ]
– Attack the enemy with force!
– Super Addictive
– Easy / Hard gameplay
– For all ages
– Graphics and different Ui
– HD Graphics
– Unique Graphic Style and UI
– Cool Effect with super skills
– Many challenges

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