Chosen by fate, you are the commander of the Senki


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November3rd , 2023
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Ultimate Arena of Fate - Puzzle

“In 2089, you accidentally travel to a future world where you meet a group of beautiful Senki. What will be your fate in an unknown world, where difficulties abound?

When chosen by fate, you will need to command these Senki to fight in a world ruled by dark forces.

This is a battle that belongs to fate, lead these Senki girls to rise up and stop the world from going to ruin.

◆ Hundreds of beautiful girls
There are many beautiful girls characters who are not only outstanding in appearance but also have strong fighting abilities. Collect your own Senki and command your team to fight.

◆Hang up to upgrade, relaxed and casual
Offline hang-up to get resources and online collect automatically. Cultivate easily and play at any time.

◆Various ways to play with unlimited entertainment
A variety of resource copies and challenging bosses, come to place your lineup to fight.

◆Reality versus, thrilling and exciting
Guild wars, cross-services battles, battle against real players and get great rewards!

What are you waiting for? Come to accept the challenge of the Goddess of Fate!

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