A poppy game characters in huggy hide 'n seek poppy horror game


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November3rd , 2023

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Scary Granny Playtime Horror - Educational

“A brand new story for good poppy game filled with action, mystery and survival of a poppy character in classic hide and seek games. Huggy Wuggy is coming your way.

You got infected by flu and have to take rest at your house. Don’t let Huggy wuggy and Kissy missy catch you, scary squid dolls find out where you are, when and where you will be found is up to you.

You found out the secret that poppy horror character is in your home, you to play as a seeker or hider, find a shelter and survive the mystery Huggy Wuggy.

Poppy is a ghost. So, hider anywhere like in water, grass, closet away from boss. It will be so much fun!

In scary horror games adventure, finding good spots to hide is best survival games tactic! If the scary poppy finds you do not scream, just run away of death and save your soul! Remember you are not alone; your grandma will help you in this survival game! Do not take here lightly, she can fight that scary granny nun and rescue you and become your hero!

Hide and Seek game amazing features:
∙ Fun, relaxing and addictive
∙ Interesting fun race as seeker or hider
∙ Hide & seek in very beautiful 3D visuals
∙ Free and escape yourself by your own way
∙ High performance hide seek movement

Let’s start your endless journey with the classic poppy hide and seek game and enjoy endless fun with Huggy Wuggy!

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