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November3rd , 2023

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Gals Panic: uncover puzzle - Casual

“Each round starts with 3 minutes time remaining, unless affected by a roulette item. If a player continues the existing round, 1 minute is added to the remaining time. During each round, random items can appear in the field, which can help or hinder the player’s progress.

A round begins with the player at the edge of the background. Capturing an area can be done by moving cursor to the edge of the background or edge of an already captured area.

There are various blocks appear in each round, which can block the movement of player but not enemies, and also affects the strategies of capturing silhouettes. Blocks disappear when capturing an area with enclosed blocks.

At the top of each round is a 20-level meter, where it starts with 11. The meter gauge increases or decreases depending on how background area is captured. Usually it decreases when capturing area with silhouette, but increases when capturing area without silhouette. The meter decreases by 1 if player does not capture an area for a prolonged period. If the meter reaches 0, player loses a life; if the meter reaches 20 (full), the round is automatically cleared; if the meter reaches yellow (6 bars), the background and silhouette is replaced by an alternate picture, with different silhouette. The type of alternate background is chosen at random. When the background change occurs, it can be changed back to girl background by increasing meter level to 10. However, if the silhouette ratio reaches 80% with alternate background, that game round is restarted afterwards, without going through roulette round.

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