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November6th , 2023

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Canfield Solitaire: Card Game - Card

“Download Canfield Solitaire: Card game for free on your Android smartphone or tablet. Canfield solitaire is an immersive and challenging card game. You need to use your best strategy to solve the solitaire! This solitaire carg game is played with standard 53 pieces deck of cards. The object of the game is to place all 52 cards into the foundations.

The original Canfield solitaire card game was invented in the 1890s by Richard A. Canfield, the owner of a famous casino. For a bet of $50, gamblers at Canfield’s casino could play a game of solitaire and win $5 for every card they managed to move to the foundations. Canfield solitaire became very popular over time. In Britain, the game is called Demon Solitaire, but also goes by the name Fascination Solitaire or Thirteen.

You can play Canfield completely free of charge with our app. The game uses advanced random numbers generator which can produce over 1 million deals with no repeated ones. Our release of this famous Canfield solitaire card game has brilliant graphics and smooth gameplay. Download and play it for free! Give this immersive and addictive patience card game a try!

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