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November3rd , 2023

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​My Hero Super Academy Adventures - Card

“Welcome to My Hero Super Academy Adventures Game free.

U.A. Students is coming back with a different story and different worlds, Speed of Sound and multiples monsters than U.A. High School Staff 2018.

The Heroe is the very epitome of what an action Game should be like in academia. The battles are exciting boku no, fun and interesting to Play with izuku. Even characters that were introduced at the last minute are interesting to cheer Prisoner for because they seem to fight with such ferocity and power of midoriya’s that we can’t help but keep in awe at their hot strength.
And that’s why Bofoy, despite its horrible premise, My Hero Academy’s is still a good Adventures Game for all.

That’s because everyone on this game, and those that aren’t as well boku, provide us with such stunning fights that don’t include everyone being defeated in one blow. Even when Genos is involved, it gets interesting no in its own way as well.

he doesn’t abuse it for his own need Atomic. With power like that Samurai, he could have easily taken over the world or led a decadent life, however, he lives like a NEET most of the time Bang. He didn’t even take credit for defeating the Sea King, a feat only he could’ve done at that point of time, just so the other heroes wouldn’t be looked down upon. His greatest strength in all this is his heart and kindness.

Features Of My Hero Super Academy Adventures:

+ Suitable for all ages and especially kids in academia for free
+ Easy to control
+ Try to get highscore with My Heroe 2018
+ Jump and Run and swim through the Boros Heros action games
+ many and unexpected obstaclesto run and jump and swim in
+ Play for all ages
+ Game is free now in Academia 2017
+ Yuga Aoyama
+ Mina Ashido
+ All you have to do in this adventure is to jump and run
+ Tsuyu Asui
+ Heroes Adventure of monsters games.
+ Tenya Iida
+ Ochaco Uraraka+ unique characters
+ Mashirao Ojiro
+ Denki Kaminari
+ Eijiro Kirishima
+ Koji Koda
+ Rikido Sato
+ Mezo Shoji
+ Kyoka Jiro
+ Hanta Sero
+ Fumikage Tokoyami
+ Shoto Todoroki
+ Toru Hagakure
+ Katsuki Bakugo
+ Minoru Mineta
+ Momo Yaoyorozu
+ Yosetsu Awase
+ Sen Kaibara
+ Togaru Kamakiri
+ Shihai Kuroiro
+ Itsuka Kendo
+ Yui Kodai
+ Kinoko Komori
+ Ibara Shiozaki
+ Jurota Shishida
+ Nirengeki
+ Shoda
+ Pony Tsunotori
+ Kosei
+ Tsuburaba
+ Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu
+ Setsuna Tokage
+ Manga Fukidashi
+ Juzo Honenuki
+ Kojiro Bondo
+ Neito Monoma
+ Reiko Yanagi
+ Hiryu Rin
+ Nezu
+ Recovery Girl
+ All Might
+ Eraserhead
+ Present Mic
+ Cementoss
+ Midnight
+ Lunch-Rush
+ Thirteen
+ Snipe
+ Ectoplasm
+ Power Loader
+ Blood King
+ Hound Dog
+ Gran Torino
+ Mirio Togata
+ Nejire Hado
+ Tamaki Amajiki
+ unique controls and power with izuku 2 and 3


+ Tap left / right to move.
+ Jump and shoot to get more fun.
+ Collect all the coins and bonus items to get more points and buy more items in the shop.


We hope you enjoyed. Feel free to leave your suggestions for who else should be on it in the comments below.

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