You have to keep running two black men in opposite direction using your brain.


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November3rd , 2023
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Infinite Hurdle Death Run - Board

“Do you know what “Parkour” is? Parkour is a holistic training discipline using movement that developed from military hurdle course training. Running is the most important part of parkour. If you want be the top parkour player you’ll need to run swiftly, with speed, because speed counts in this hurdle race.
To improve your running skills FlowMotion Entertainment presents this thrilling hurdle race for your android device. Download “Infinite Hurdle Death Run” now and test yourself if you are ready to run in a hurdle race.


The game features a unique and speedy game-play. It’s a combination of brain and fingers to figure out what is happening in the race.

The screen is split into two parallel halves, two black-men running into opposite directions from each other. You have to help them both these black-men in their running ventures at the same time……Sounds interesting? Yes…….it is.

Tap the screen with your finger to jump and avoid from the hurdles coming in your way through. You need to control both black-men runners at the same time and that is the most challenging part. Game ends if anyone of the two black-men runners hit the hurdle in the way.


• Interesting and unique fast paced game-play
• Universal app, play in HD on any android device
• Cool graphics and sounds
• Share your scores on Facebook or Twitter

So wear your fastest running joggers and get ready to run. Enjoy!

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