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November3rd , 2023

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Trail World VR Virtual Reality - Arcade

“Choose your trail and adventure in this beautiful fantasy open world! Experience amazing visuals, events, roller coasters, tours and rides that bring out the best in mobile Virtual Reality – VR. Journey across beautiful landscapes to reach the town of secrets, can you uncover all of its mysteries?

Unique virtual reality events:
Roller coaster Discover the great mine and enjoy the vr rollercoaster.
Flying Learn the secret and fly across the world in an airplane.
Characters Find all the characters and villagers to interact with in VR.
Fishing Let the fish surprise you with 3D effects!
Hidden message Will you be able to discover the message?
Many more for you to discover…

Players have full control:
Travel / roam and explore freely or stand still to take in the view, but don’t be rusty! Simply look at your feet to toggle walking, look at the recognizable cardboard symbol to activate events or be surprised by the relaxing vistas. Enjoy full 360 degrees vision while roaming the park, playground, caves, rides, town and forest!
Now with controller/gamepad support!

Unlock all zones:
Trail World offers many zones to discover such as the: Sky island, Waterfall, Farm, Town.
The snow world, desert landscape, sea world / ocean and giant cave are planned for an upcoming update. All completely free!

Compatibility guide (VR Devices):

Trail World is compatible with all popular mobile VR headsets / goggles such as: Google Cardboard, ImmersiON-VRelia GO, Durovis Dive or HOMiDO. The game is not yet compatible with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive (Steam VR).

We are working on the Samsung Gear (VR) version!

New updates: Our latest update brings controller support and new content!

Tip: Shutting down other background tasks / apps may help with performance. This should result in a smoother framerate and lower headtracking latency.

Created by No Pressure Studios, an indie game development studio that loves Virtual Reality & making games that everyone can enjoy! Copyright 2016 – No Pressure Studios.

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