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November8th , 2023
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“Now you can, record, edit, and upload your resume to TVCV audiovisual online, the first audiovisual platform job search and get your next interview.

Now, job search easier. Your videoCV is an app audiovisual and intuitive mobile VideoCVs that records and edits easily and instantly providing the user the performance and load.

Its main features:

Automatically Converts your video copetes a complete VideoCV.

No you have to be a video editor or know about, Your videoCV app stores copetes that you recorded, creating an unprecedented and personalized videoCV.
-Rematá with your selection of music, Screeners graphics cards and effects in just a few minutes.
I added music, filters and separator plates to customize your VideoCV.

I -Compartí your videoCV on social networks.
-Receive notifications, workshops based on your personal profile training events talks, and.

Possibility of choice between front and rear cameras on your Smartphone.

You have suggestions, you would like us to add additional functionality or did you have any problems with our apps? Escribinos to “”

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