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November8th , 2023
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Nooie Cam - Lifestyle

“Works like a charm.
The Nooie app is user-friendly and visually appealing. Download the app, connect your phone to the camera, and see what is happening through live video wherever you are.

Two-way Audio
Built-in speaker and microphone that allow you to listen and speak. Scare off the intruder, command your pet or talk to your family.

Never miss a thing.
The Nooie app sends alerts to your phone when movement has been detected in front of the camera.

Record and share
Capture the moments you would like to share and send them through the Nooie app to your loved ones.

Go back in time.
If you miss an alert, you can always go back and find your key moments easily in the Nooie app.

Store locally or in the cloud.
Nooie Cam comes with local storage that can store up to 2 weeks of recordings. Secure and reliable cloud storage is also available from our partner, Amazon Web Services.

Nooie Cam Features

-Two-Way Audio
-Motion Detection and Alerts
-Secure Cloud Storage
-Camera Sharing

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