Donna allows users to learn practice and reference the RED camera menu structure


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November8th , 2023

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Donna – RED Camera Simulator - Lifestyle

“*Featured on NO FILM SCHOOL, CineTechnica, REDSHARKNEWS and NATEANDSEAN.RED.COM* – A must for anyone working with RED cameras.

Your very own RED headed assistant. Donna allows users to quickly learn, practice and reference the DSMC/DSMC2 menu structure in the palm of their hand. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE. A perfect companion for AC’s, DP’s, DIT’s, Rental Houses, Owner/Operators and film students working with RED cameras.


-Avoid menu surfing on the camera
-Look like a menu wizard in front of your colleagues.
-Bridge that gap between a Data Manager and a DIT.
-Maybe you’ve gone as far as you can on your own and need to quickly file a support ticket while on set… DONNA can help with that.
-Look up the latest RECON post or lens coverage on REDUSER
-Maybe you want to see what crazy trouble Sean and Nate are into..

Donna Tips provides insight from the top professionals in the industry.

The current release covers firmware version 5.3.X, 6.X.X and WEAPON 6.1.X

Please note, this will not allow you to control the camera and is a simulator to be used for educational purposes. Not all buttons/menus are active.

Perfect companion tool for camera assistants working with RED DIGITAL CINEMA products. Helpful for use with the RED WEAPON, RED EPIC, RED SCARLET, RED ONE, RED RAVEN, RED MYSTERIUM-X sensor, RED DRAGON 6K sensor, RED SCARLET-W, DSMC2 and DSMC products.

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