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November8th , 2023

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Repeat YouTube Video - Lifestyle

“You can repeat a YouTube video, and repeat a part of the video.

How to repeat a YouTube video?
When watching a video on YouTube or YouTube music, if you want to repeat the video or a part of the video for several times:
1. On YouTube screen, click ‘Share’ icon;
2. In the share menu, select ‘Repeat YT Video app.
Then the App will start to repeat the video.

How to repeat a part of a YouTube video?
When watching a video in this App, using ‘Start’ and ‘End’ to mark out the part of the video. When clicking ‘End’ or ‘Replay’, the App will repeat the selected portion of the video.

The Repeat YouTube Video App is a third party app, and developed with YouTube. All the video contents are provided by YouTube services

YouTube and the YouTube logo, trademark, and trade dress are registered trademarks owned by Google Inc.

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