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November8th , 2023

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“Background Video Recorder – Hidden Video Camera is a camera app which helps you to record video by one click easily with the option to enable/disable camera shutter sounds and camera previews. Useful functions include continuous recording when your screen is off. Using this app no one can judge you are recording video using the front camera or back camera. This background video recorder app
Single Tap to Start Video Recording, it record video in high resolution in background
Video Camera – use front or back camera. Many Useful settings available to use front camera to record video or back camera to record video in background.
Set the audio source if you want to record the audio along with video, MIC, CAMRECORDER or default
Also Set the Quality for recorded videos to high quality, medium and low quality,
Awesome feature you set the video recording duration you can start fro 30 sec clips, 1mins to 60 mins video or no limit (then default limit of video recording will works)
Set the Video orientation to auto, 90 degrees, 180 degrees and 270 to 360 degrees video orientation of recording
Check for free storage, recording will stop if low storage
Silent Record: Video will have no sound, it could save your videos size
Show Notification Setting: Notification will be shown when recording or no notification
Use internal or external media play to play video recording done by this background video recorder app
Set the alarm notification or set time for automatically record. Suppose you want to record a video after some time you can set the hidden video recording to start at 5PM you can also set the date of video recording, set the duration and video camera front or back. Just tap the bill icon and set all the above settings and start to record hidden hidden video using this background video recorder app that works like a hidden video camera.
You also use the app as screen recorder. This is awesome hidden video recorder app with useful and important features
– Simple & easy Quick Recorder on Single Tap with multiple feature settings
– Settings to start automatic video even with no tap or click, hidden video recording start automatically
– Background video recorder app download free for android
– Background video recorder without icon or notification ( can stop)
– Download free background video recorder application for android users
– Hidden video recorder free start and record auto video
– One of the best background video recorder for android
– Full HD Video Recording Hidden in Background
– One of the best hidden video camera app without screen on starts automatically
– Its your ultimate free hidden video camera for android , record video in quality
Download this free hidden video camera app and start video recording in background or automatically!

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