PGSharp is a Pokémon GO MOD that will give all its users the ability to move freely around the world to catch all Pokémon creatures as the user wants


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November3rd , 2023
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PGSharp - Education

“For many users of Pokémon GO, it has always been a problem not being able to catch all the available creatures because they couldn’t access where they were. As a result, many apps emerged that were able to circumvent the systems with which the game’s developers, Niantic, protected this feature.

The MOD to move around freely in Pokémon GO

PGSharp is an application that allows game users to bypass the limitations that Pokémon GO starts with. In this way and through a map a user can move freely “”around the world””. These are the functions that the app allows:

Move around using a joystick without having to move.
Change your walking speed.
Use a map to teleport to other places.
Use routes to move automatically.
Save the last location.

This spoofing application is updated as the official app does, but not up to date. This means that you may find that one day it won’t work because it doesn’t match the current version of Pokémon GO.

What’s new in the latest version

The developers haven’t published a changelog for this version.

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