A girl and a man become nots is Go quietly deepen ties in the unfriendly world


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November3rd , 2023

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シェラ -闇に咲く一輪の花- - Business

“””Is it okay for Odman to meet me? Happy?””

With the odd-shaped human “”Oddman”” who lives alone in the dark
Girl with flowers “”Shella””
Going out of the darkness in search of something beautiful
It was the rough world of the city behind

Who is not a girl and a person
In a world that is not kind, we deepen our bonds quietly …

* ゜

This app is a spin-off work of Odman appearing in “”The Girl Who Does Not Laugh and the Circus of Deformation””, but it is a content that anyone who does not know the world of a girl who does not laugh can easily enjoy it.

※This story is a fiction. The characters, groups, names, etc. appearing are all fictitious and have nothing to do with real ones. It also contains some violent scenes and cruel expressions. Please note.

◆ Game Overview
* You can download and play for free until the end!
* Pick “”flowers”” and deepen your bond with the girl.
Please pay attention to the exchange between Odman and the girl.
* In the wandering part, with strange people lurking in the city behind
で き You can talk.

◆ Recommended for these people
* Non-human x girl, those who like deformed heads
* People who like dark fantasy worldview
* Those who like a girl who does not laugh and a strange circus character
* Those who want to play the app in a little gap time

◆ Notes
* This app does not support data recovery. Data and application management is at your own risk.

* This app is funded by operating revenues and development costs through advertising revenue so that you can play for free. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in order to continue to provide the service completely free of charge in the future.

* If you delete the application cache or data or uninstall the application itself, all purchased items and data being played in the application will be deleted. Please note that we cannot refund purchased items.

* Please see the Terms of Use for other notes.

◆ Terms of Service

◆ About inquiries
If you have any questions or bug reports about the application, please contact the following address.

* Inquiries by e-mail are available 24 hours a day, but after 19:00, your reply may be delayed on weekends and holidays. please note that.

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