F2P Will you train your beast, or be trained!? School life with your boyfriend!


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November3rd , 2023
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Feral Boyfriend/Free Yaoi Game - Business

“otomedou’s BL (yaoi) game, which captivated the hearts of 200,000 BL fans will release a new BL game!!

The protagonist loses his scholarship after falling ill, and is dropped from his scholarship.
The only way to stay in school is to get troublemaker beasts to turn over a new leaf!!
Will you be able to graduate peacefully while training a prideful wolf, tsundere fox and deceiving rabbit?

Recommended to:
-Those who are tired of the usual otome game!
-BL (yaoi) Lovers!
-Those who are in love with Kemomimi Boys!
-Those who usually play otome game but want to play BL game.

“”Feral BF”” is a novel-type game where you can proceed ahead by using up scenario tickets. Manipulate your relationship with your handsome boyfriend based on the various options available! Upon increasing your Affection with him, a special scenario with a beautiful still photo will begin! You can get to enjoy an even more exciting story☆ Dress yourself up with stylish and cute avatars, and welcome a happy end with him♪
Free download! Gameplay is generally free as well, so everyone will be able to divulge in their romantic time with the feral handsome boys!

【Character Introduction】
■Protagonist (Default name: Yuto Mamiya)
High School Senior. Studying in this school on a scholarship, but may have it revoked due to poor health and is in danger of having to quit school.

■Yuki Kamitani
High School Senior.
Typical troublemaker who skips class and gets failing grades.
Arrogant but very caring.

■Kaoru Kozuka
High School Senior.
Model student who is also the student council president, but is classified as a troublemaker for some reason.
Rather cold towards the protagonist.

■Keisuke Udo
High School Senior.
Calm and agreeable, but also a very flirty playboy.

■Satsuki Nekoyama
Infirminary doctor. Often consulted by the protagonist. Rather cold to the protagonist

◆How to play
・5 scenario tickets are given out for free everyday, so spend time with him and increase your Affection!
・A novel-style game where you proceed by choosing from various options, and is easy to play!
・Do check out the limited-period events too♪

◆Who is Otomedou?
A sweet yet sour love between two male students,
A simple and passionate love,
A forbidden love with an idol,
Teasing a man till he burst with jealousy………..
We bring you lovely dreams of a maiden, from the squeeze of your heart, to a serious boys love adventure. We bring you the stories women want to read.

【Category/Genre】Romance ADV/BL
【Cost of Gameplay】Basic play is free/Charge-by-item system
【Original Draft】Otomedou

For inquiries and troubles, contact us at games@abracadabra.co.jp
When the application terminates unintentionally,
· Update to latest OS
· Increase the free space of your SD card
· Increase the free space of your device
Please try the three points above.

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