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November3rd , 2023
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Tower of Fantasy - Books & Reference

“Tower of Fantasy is the first game created by Hotta Studio, set in a colorful open world similar to that of smash hit Genshin Impact. In fact, this game also combines exploration-based missions and object quests with dynamic, fast-paced combat.

Of course, the first step of playing Tower of Fantasy is using the editor to create your character from scratch. All the customization options have an anime aesthetic and are highly detailed. Once you’re done, you’ll be ready to dive into this expansive world filled with plenty of surprises, enemies, and settings to explore.

Graphics in Tower of Fantasy are truly superb, thanks in large part to all the details supported by Unreal Engine 4. The textures for each scenario and character are something to behold, which is important as this game is also available for PC. Of course, as with other similar games, you’ll need a high-performing smartphone if you don’t want to suffer from lag.

Tower of Fantasy has typical ARPG gameplay in which the animations and combat are constantly unfolding. The controls are well-placed on the screen, making it easy to tap on each of the action buttons to unleash powerful attacks and energetic combos. The camera does a great job tracking the action, although you can also switch your perspective whenever you want.

Saving the universe from evil won’t come easy, so be prepared to spend many hours playing in this world full of excitement and discovery. Explore, collect objects, and fight against enemies in real time while you level up to make your character ever more powerful.

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