Spectacular traditional Castlevania for Android


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November3rd , 2023

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Castlevania: Code C - Beauty

“Welcome to Castlevania: Code C! In this exciting, 2D RPG you can control famous characters from the Castlevania saga and explore Count Dracula’s ever-changing castle. In fact, every time your character dies, the magical castle will transform.

The control system is simple and pretty typical – you’ll find your joystick on the left of the screen and the jump and action buttons on the right. If you’re skilled enough to hit the dodge button at the right time you can also slow down for a few seconds in a Bayonetta style.

Head to the castle’s neutral zone to manage your inventory, change heroes or chat with other characters. Outside you can enjoy exploring in a ‘Metroidvania’ style, wandering through the castle and discovering all its long-lost secrets and mysteries. But stay on your toes – you’ll be fighting hundreds of monsters too.

Castlevania: Code C is a fantastic, unofficial game set in the famous saga, offering a similar experience to the great classics of the first PlayStation and Nintendo DS, but with new, specially-designed graphics. If you’re a fan of the genre, you’ll have no end of enjoyment.

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