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November6th , 2023
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Spades – - Card

“Spades is a classic trick taking card game, a little bit like Bridge. You play with a computer partner against a partnership of two computer players. Each player gets dealt 13 cards, trump is always spades, hence the name of the game! A hand starts with each player bidding, saying how many tricks he’s gonna take in the hand.

Once bidding is done the players start playing. You must follow the suit of the card lead, unless you don’t have any card in that suit in which case you can play any card. Spades trump all other cards. After all 13 tricks have been played the teams that have made their bids get points and the teams that haven’t get penalty points.

There are a number of things to make playing a bit more interesting, you can bid nil so you must avoid getting any tricks at all, and you must avoid getting too many tricks, since too many tricks above your bid (“”bags””) can result in a large penalty!

One game can consist of many hands, and is finished when one team has gotten 500 or more points.

The game is easy and fun to play, and includes statistics for hands and games played for every player, as well as a face builder to make your player look however you want.

Have fun!

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