Competitive strategic card game with 'Cat and Mouse' game rules.


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November6th , 2023
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SKIPoid - Card

“Popular ‘Spite and Malice’ card game, also known as ‘Cat and Mouse’. Get rid of all your cards faster than your opponents and win. Win against the computer or friends by place all cards in sequential order from your own pile before your opponent does and take high place in the world rankings.

– Play against computer opponent
– Invite friends from Facebook or Google+
– Global player rankings
– Settings for short, medium and long games
– Settings for game difficulty
– User defined colors
– No frills. Only ~2MB to download
– Space efficient and clear layout for better ergonomics
– Low battery drain and thus long game experience
– Translated in english and german

Try out the SKIPoid browser game at

You can play against the computer or online against real human opponents. The online game differs in public and private game.
In the public game you will be connected with a random opponent. Availability of opponents is not guaranteed. In this case, you can wait until free players are available.
If you want to play with one particular person then you can start a password protected private game. The opponent must use the same password to join the same game session with you.

Game rules:

The object of the game is to be the first player to play out their entire stock pile.
Each player is dealt 10 (20 or 30) cards for their stock pile with only the uppermost card visible, and a hand of five card.
The shared play area allows up to four build piles, which must be started using either a “”1″” card or a ‘*’, and each player also has up to four personal discard piles.
Each turn the active player draws until he has five cards in hand, and plays on the build piles. He must play either the next card in sequential order or a wild ‘*’ card, using either cards in hand, the top card of his stock pile, or the top card of any of his four discard piles. If the player can play all five cards from hand, he draws five more and continues playing. When no more plays are available, the player discards one card to either an empty discard pile or on top of an existing one and play passes to the next player. When a build pile reaches 12, it is removed from the board and that space becomes empty for another pile to be started; play continues until one player has played his final start card.

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