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November6th , 2023
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“Play the BEST FREE Spades card game on your Android device, made by MobilityWare — the #1 card and parlor game developer!

This trickster cards game is the classic game of Spades but with a fresh new look on Google Play, featuring brand new goals for you to reach!
If you enjoy card games like Hearts, Rummy, Euchre, or Pinoche, then you’ll love a game of Spades. It is often compared to Poker, but instead of betting with chips and bluffing, it’s a trick-taking card game where players rely on their card-playing skills and communication to win tricks and reach their bid. Whether you were taught Spades by a family member or a friend during college, practice will allow you to develop the best strategy and your poker face.

We’ve also included clear tutorials to help you learn the game of Spades at your own card-playing pace! Relax and train your brain for FREE, or go multiplayer with friends online/offline to compete in this classic trickster cards game of Spades!

Spades adds a new element of strategy and puzzles to the classic card game space.

So what are you waiting for? Plan and strategize each move as you compete with a partner or multiplayer with friends to try and out bid and out play your opponents. Win the most books and be the first to get 250 points to win! Be careful, though; spade cards can only be played once they are broken! You’ll need precision, strategy, and quick thinking to master this trickster card game!

Play with friends the fun FREE, and relaxing version of Spades:
– Hop into the classic Spades card gameplay you know and love, available when you want it
– Learn the card game of Spades in a low-pressure, easy-to-learn, simple environment
– Drop-in-drop-out gameplay means Spades is ready to play whenever you are!
– Use expressive emojis to let your opponent know you are winning big
– Play online/offline – bots are available to play whenever and wherever
– Need help? Use unlimited hints and undo features

The classic Spades game, for free and for beginners and Pros alike:
– Go multiplayer with friends, over 300 titles to earn and collect
– Track your high scores across several Spades games
– Push for a new personal best with each hand of classic cards you play
– Improve your card play with deep statistics. Watch as you improve your strategy through each game

Play Spades online/offline, whenever, wherever you want:
– Choose the difficulty of the AI and the rules of this classic Spades card game
– Choose either portrait or landscape to play
– Never lose a game with save states, even when the Spades app closes
– Add in sandbags or jump into hard card playing mode for even more challenge

Train your brain with friends for classic competitive Spades gameplay and challenges:
– For FREE for beginners and pros alike! Learn to master the card game of Spades alone or in multiplayer mode to improve your high-level strategy with each game
– Instructions are included in the Spades app. Use them to build the basis of your Spades strategy, both in game and with your friends
– Sharpen your card skills with online or offline FREE play! Track your multiplayer stats with friends in the app and watch as your Spades game improves

If playing card games like Hearts, Rummy, Euchre, Pinoche, or Poker is what you enjoy, then you’ll love the trickster card game of Spades. Challenging and fun every time, play Spades on your own or go multiplayer with friends; it’s a game anyone, anywhere, can play!

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