Creepy Granny Evil Nun Scream is a horror, adventure game


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November3rd , 2023

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Creepy Granny Evil Scream - Education

“Creepy Freddy Scream is a horror, adventure game. You can pick from two evil minions who will haunt you – grandpa butcher with chainsaw or creepy granny nun. You start your game in empty room after amnesia. You don’t know what happened. You start exploring abandoned house / haunted asylum , but you realise that you are not alone. The door out are locked and you need to find ways to get out in 5 days. You need to find some door keys and tools to succeed. If you drop something on the floor, he hears it and comes for you and he will be more evil than usual. You have to try to get out of her house, but be careful and quiet. The mansion has many floors, including cellar with secret doors to unlock.
You don’t know who is with you in the house. It may be some old person – grandpa or granny. Or it could be even some kind of dead monster, creature, sick pacient or terror ghost. You have to escape to the forest and find a way to hospital.

– Fearful and tension atmosphere
– Different languages to pick
– You will feel the terror and fear in your bones
– That evil man gives the creeps
– Many difficulties to pick
– Enviroment is very dark, you will feel like playing in a night
– Terrifying atmospheric music and sounds

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