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November3rd , 2023
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City Freedom online simulator - Dating

“Play online with friends on a variety of available and free servers.
Especially for this game, a super realistic physics of vehicles was developed, just try it and you can not tear yourself away.
The action in the game City Freedom: Online, takes place in an open city in which there are no boundaries. To explore the city, use any car from your huge collection.
In the secluded corners of the city you are waiting for pleasant surprises so explore and get paid for it. As soon as you have the first car, drive straight into the heart of the city, for you and your driving skills there are tough tests. Climb to the highest peaks of the city to look at the great view and get a bonus.
Online mode, gives you the opportunity to brag about all your collection of cars or the arsenal of weapons. Also in online mode there is a chat for players, find friends or just communicate.
In the game there is also a single game mode in which for the player different missions and rewards are presented.
Do not forget about the graphics settings in the game, the correct setting will ensure you a nice and beautiful game. Also, the game City Freedom: Online supports translation into several languages, see the settings.
– Online mode
– Single mode
– Realistic physics of vehicles
– Realistic damage to vehicles
– Realistic character behavior
– A greater choice of cars from pimped to hypercar
– Ability to switch the view in the car
– The open world
– Full freedom of action
– Tons of weapons
– First-person view

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