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November3rd , 2023

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Chimeraland - Comics

“Chimeraland is an MMORPG that plunges you into an extensive open world full of all sorts of different creatures and beasts. One of the interesting things about this title is that it gives you a planet that you can explore by land, sea or air. It’s an immersive experience that will test your ability to make the best use of weapons, skills and attacks in order to survive.

Of course, in a sandbox like this, you shouldn’t be surprised to find iconic actions like creating weapons and constructing buildings for your character to live in. You’ll even choose whether you want to live in the foothills of a mountain or on the banks of a river. In Chimeraland you’ll decide the fate of the characters based on the decisions you make at all times.

As you defeat many of the beasts that come your way, you’ll also have the option to keep some of them for yourself. In other words, you’ll be able to collect mythological beings that will accompany you in a lot of the battles. In fact, Chimeraland lets you change the character that accompanies you throughout this circular universe. This way, you’ll be able to change skills and try out new features.

To control each warrior throughout the universe in Chimeraland, you’ll use a directional joystick. Meanwhile, on the right side of the screen, you’ll have several action buttons that will help you to complete all the tasks or execute attacks. You can even ride impressive horses that will take you from one side of the map to the other more quickly. And don’t forget about your inventory, where you’ll store all the items that you find. From there, you’ll select whatever objects you want to feed your character, recover energy or simply to make swords and weapons.

Chimeraland not only takes you into dynamic PvP battles against a wide variety of beasts. You’ll also be able to cook, fish and harvest multiple goods to prove you have what it takes to succeed in this magical universe.

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