Worldcraft is the best block survival crafting and building games.


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November3rd , 2023
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World Craft: Crafting and Buil - Comics

“Crafting games can be set in practically any type of environment, whether that’s taming massive dinos or developing a cute farm.

When you start out in World Craft, you’ll be given a little piece of the world – your cornerstone – that you can fill with weapons, creatures, and fresh environments. Procedurally generated realms and dungeons keep World Craft feeling fresh and exciting as you venture out to take on new quests to earn resources and loot to build up and craft new items for your little part of the World Craft
– Build block, houses, city, your own mini world earth
– Tons of block craft recipes: Everything for survival crafting and building needs
– Survival single player: Mine, craft blocks, farm seeds, satisfy your hunger by killing mobs, fight monsters to survive
– Earth exploration: Amazing sandbox block maps built by real players are waiting for your exploration
– Cool 3d cube graphics designed with different texture packs
– Play offline without need of wi-fi

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