Popular location information game Eki memo! (Ekime too!)”. A train game where you collect stations! You can play with simple location registration between trips. Let's go on a journey to collect railway stations all over the country with Denko !


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November3rd , 2023
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駅メモ! – ステーションメモリーズ!- 鉄道位置ゲーム - Business

“◆ ◇ ◆ Start dash campaign in progress ◆ ◇ ◆
Clear the training and choose your favorite “”Denko”” to get it!

The topical location-based game “”Station Memo!””
Events that can be played all over the country are also held one after another !!

◆ ◇ ◆ Story ◆ ◇ ◆

In the future far from the present, personalization of transportation is progressing, and stations and railways are on the verge of disappearing !?
The way to change that future was to collect the “”memories”” of the people who gather at modern stations !!
Departure progress for a trip to the national railway in Japan that collects stations by making full use of location information and items in cooperation with unique partners “”Denko””!

◆ ◇ ◆ Game introduction ◆ ◇ ◆

“”Station Memories! –Station Memo!”” Is a location-based game for more than 9,000 stations nationwide.
You can easily play with simple operations, and you can enjoy various ways such as going out records and collecting titles.
Why don’t you enjoy daily commuting, going to school, and going out with cute characters?

▼ Easy to play with simple operation

Check in when you arrive at the station !!
Collect “”nearest”” stations using your smartphone’s location data!

▼ For stations all over Japan !!

What a target for over 9,000 stations all over Japan !?
It’s a difficult task to collect all … !!
Not only simply collecting stations, but also titles based on line comps and distance traveled,
There are lots of fun elements such as rankings for each station!

▼ Ideal for recording daily outings

You can record various information such as the day you visited for the first time and the number of times you visited as a memory!
You can write memories in the notebook prepared for each station, look back, and use it as a life log app !!

▼ Let’s “”organize”” your own vehicle and play

Let’s make your own “”organization”” by combining your favorite Denko!
Bring your favorite outfits to show off to your friends, or think of efficient combinations to help you collect memories!

▼ Let’s grow a unique partner “”Denko””

Let’s develop a cute partner “”Denko””!
As you grow up, you can learn skills and enjoy the story of each phone!

▼ Various ways to enjoy !! Find your own way to enjoy

・ As a life log application that records outings
・ As a fill-in app that aims to conquer the whole country
・ As a game in which players compete for stations in real time
・ As a game to develop characters

▼ Station memo! Recommended for people like this

〇 I like to go out by train
・ I like traveling by train, not just commuting to work or school
・ Drive, train rather than bus, Shinkansen than airplane
・ I often get on the railroad during the pilgrimage to the sacred places of anime
・ I like to travel around the country by train to roadside stations and accommodations.
・ While searching for a station, I sometimes go to hot springs, castle tours, and theme parks.
・ I like to hike historic towns by train across Japan.
・ We are overcoming new routes by making full use of timetable apps, location information apps, map apps, and calendar apps.
・ I am traveling by incorporating not only train information but also traffic information and town information.
・ Frequently use content in the “”Travel & Region”” category

〇 I like railways
・ Railroad fans (riding iron, model iron, collecting iron, shooting iron, discontinued iron, sound iron)
・ I want to get off at all stations on my favorite line and enjoy my own station collection
・ I like analog timetables and transfer information more than the app navigation system.
・ Be sure to conquer all stations in the stamp rally
・ Longing for sleeper express trains and express trains in each country
・ Frequently participate in railway company events and projects
・ Even at the nearest station, you will be thrilled with railroad tracks, platform displays, train sound effects (announcements), train operation information, etc.
・ I like to be a train driver in a train simulator
・ The model railroad may reproduce the train position of the railroad network or subway.
・ Since you know it with your head, you do not need boarding guidance, route guidance, route search, or route search.
・ It feels like a little adventure when making full use of station information, transfer information, MAP, and GPS.

〇 I like simple games
・ I like games that are easy and time-killing
・ We use paid / free apps for simple games such as board games, puzzle solving, crosswords, and miniature garden simulations.
・ I like online games with basic elements such as quests, gachas, and collaborations.
・ News, phone books, coupons, memo pads, notebooks, pedometers (pedometers), business card management, comic apps, etc.

〇 I like cute girls and beautiful girl characters
・ I like maids, princesses, moe girls, idols, and bishoujo games that come out of school girls more than gal games.
・ I used to play romance games to make girlfriends, girlfriends, and brides.

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